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Over 1400 different cards have been cataloqued and the amount of printed cards exceed the limit of 86 million.

There are about 400 views of Helsinki.
Additionally there are about 200 wildlife and countryside views.

Postcards published between 1972 and 1995 have been cataloqued in one book.
It is complemented each year with additional pages.

Pricing of the cards:
- postcard 1,00€
- folding card with envelope 1,50€
- special cards 2,00€ ... 5,00€
- FineArt art graphics cards 12,00€

Postcard samples
Art graphics cards
Cards are proofed with enduring artgraphic colors to thick watercolor cardboard by Kimmo Pälikkö himself.

The technique and quality are comparable to small-sized graphics. Size of the card is ca. 12,5 x 17,5 cm. There is FineArt-stamp and postcard lining on the other side.

Art graphic card samples
1st Class custom picture stamps
The 1st class finnish stamps are a part of Kimmo Pälikkö's production. They are numbered with a code consisting of serial number and year.

Stamps can be purchased as sheets of four.

Order is delivered as mail order and additional postal fee is added.

Price of one sheet is 8,00€.

Stamp samples